Get quality dim sum at Sum Dim Sum

Amongst heavyweights like Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant and Dim Sum Haus is another contender that has joined the dim sum competition at Jalan Besar. Open until 1:30am daily, Sum Dim Sum is the newest kid on the block, and it serves delectable bites in a cosy setting.

First impressions count, and Sum Dim Sum’s left a lasting one on me. Housed below a timeless shophouse, the restaurant’s Tiffany blue colour was striking, and I easily spotted its storefront from afar. The bright colour thoroughly complemented the mellow white of the shophouse, and it was a pleasant juxtaposition between the past and present, both combining to form a collective entity.

When I arrived at the front door, the dainty colours from afar transformed into a dazzling blue background, headlined by the white Chinese words of their name. The Chinese words can be translated to “heart dim sum”, which provided a hint to the kind of food the restaurant serves.

Food at Sum Dim Sum

The most popular item here has got to be the Signature Crispy Pork Buns ($6+) that’s served on plates of three. One noticeable difference between their pork buns and those from other restaurants is that the buns here have a unique shade of green, which comes from pandan flavouring.

When the buns were settled onto our table, a distinct pandan fragrance wafted through the air, which further triggered my already ravenous appetite.

The bun was crispy and warm to the touch. Peeling apart the flaky pastry revealed glistening chunks of juicy pork.

I was delighted that a generous amount of char siew was present, and each bite released pockets of succulent meat into my mouth. The char siew sauce provided a nice

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