Media Tasting at Tandoor

Executive chef Bobby Krishnan and his culinary team at Tandoor have presented a carefully curated spring menu that would be available from 20 Mar – 19 May 2020, highlighting the freshness of ingredients used and that one might not even expect to see.

Starting off the set menu with a choice of Masala Crab Cake or Tandoori Quail, and my preference leaned towards the bird since the aroma of charred already won me over beforehand.

The Tandoori Quail was inspired by the Tandoori chicken, an Indian dish of marinated meat that is cooked in a cylindrical clay oven. I could clearly see the 2 huge vessels through the glass barricaded open concept kitchen. I just love the charred skin, tender juicy meat that was seasoned with marinate of yoghurt, coriander and cumin. This appetiser was served with French infusion of Vol-au-vent, bursting with earthy flavours.

The Masala Crab Cake on the other hand had a beautiful outer crust, with ingredients that aren’t easily distinguished merely by one’s taste buds. Besides the mix of Indian spices in it, this dish was plated with delicate Rhubarb Chutney, infused with duck Foie Gras and mango confit. 

The next dish was light and comforting, an Indian style soup made with sweet corn. 

Hailing from the Mughlai cuisine, the Makai Ka Shorba contains butter poached scallop, boiled quail’s egg and a masala potato gnocchi. Definitely great to pair with naan.

One of the mains selection, the sea perch Pakora was probably my choice as I love the firm texture of the fried fish without traces of oiliness. It was beautifully plated as well with Ebiko caviar and Jerusalem artichokes with cumin, also to balance the flavours of the fish.

Opt for the Australian lamb shank,

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