June Bakery sells old-school confectioneries

Old-school bakeries hold a special place in my heart. There’s something about their homely interior, handwritten placards, and handmade pastries that are just so charming. Evidently, I’m not the only one who felt this way about June Bakery. This small, traditional bakery attracts long lines of customers every day with their endearing house-made pastries.

Walking into the hole-in-the-wall bakery, I noticed how their tarts dominated most of the display shelves. These tarts are prepared from early in the morning and sold fresh, starting at around 12pm. According to the owners, they only prepare one big batch a day, so the tarts are gone once they sell out. Thankfully for us, we made it into the perfect window of opportunity, and arrived just as they were filling their trays with tarts fresh out of the oven. 

The bakery is run by a friendly duo who is still energetic despite their age and the rigorous work of manning a bakery. Their day begins at 3am in the morning when they start baking in the stuffy kitchen at the back. I was relieved to hear that their taxing day ends by 3pm, when their last piece of pastry is sold. 

Food at June Bakery

The Cheese Tart ($1.20) was clearly one of their best-selling pastries. By the time we left, nearly half of them had been cleared. Visually, the palm-sized tart sported some light browning on the edges. Its pale and plain appearance didn’t manage to stir up my appetite upon my first look.

After taking a big mouthful of crust and cheese filling, I let out a small noise of surprise at the satisfying mix of flavours swirling in my mouth. The buttery shortcrust immediately crumbled and melted on my tongue, while

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