Have you ever tried Streusel Muffins? Originated in Germany, streusel is made with flour, butter and sugar. It is then baked on top of muffins to give it a crumbly texture. You might typically find streusel items in cafes or restaurants, but you can also find one right here in Alexandra Village Food Centre! Streusel bakes are usually rather pricey due to the premium quality ingredients used. Amy strives to use good quality ingredients while trying to keep her bakes affordable.

Owners, Amy and Jerry, started this humble little muffin shop, AJ Delights in 2012. Their stall name is derived from their initials, A for Amy and J for Jerry. Before they started this venture, they were already baking pastries and cookies for years. In 2012, they decided to take a leap of faith to pursue their passion and started AJ Delights. Jerry used to be in the Air Force for 21 years while Amy use to be a HR Practitioner. As Jerry nicely put it “never try never know!” They definitely made the right decision as you would see long queues at their stall daily!

AJ Delights prides themselves on using top-grade premium ingredients which are imported from various places — walnuts from USA, and butter and berries from France. Amy feels that these little things make a difference to the overall taste of their bakes.

We tried their three best-selling flavours: Streusel Choc ($2), Green Tea (Monster) ($2.40) and Mixed Berry Streusel ($2.40).

I’m a chocolate addict and went straight for the Streusel Choc. I love the taste of the crumbly streusel! It tasted a little like oats chunks even though it is made of butter, sugar and flour. The moist, fluffy and soft chocolate cake was not too sweet, and was complemented

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