Media Tasting at Chun Fun How

Chun Fun How is said to be the pioneer of Taiwan’s sweet potato bubble tea. Also, famed for its beautiful floral cup designs. If you have noticed, Chun Fun How’s bubble teacup designs are inspired by oriental and Japanese floral, fortune, and animals. I just caught three of my favourite designs, oriental and Japanese floral and fortune. There are four different types of Chun Fun How’s bubble teacup designs available in Singapore. Notice there are Taiwan’s teacup designs displayed at the bubble tea shop. And cheers, Chun Fun How might release Singapore’s exclusive bubble teacup design soon!

Currently, Chun Fun How has a total of 15 outlets worldwide and now in Singapore. Chun Fun How uses selected Four Seasons Oolong Tea from Nan Tou. Asides the Signature bubble tea series, they also have a range of aloe vera, sweet potato and winter melon series. These premium series are created to suit Singapore’s sunny climate. Something interesting that Chun Fun How’s staff has shared with me. Their green tea is their secret weapon as it naturally contains a subtly floral scent. This is something that I am looking forward to try on my next visit to Chun Fun How. I’ve tried Lychee Four Season with Aloe Vera and Sweet Potato Black Tea Latte with Pearl. The oolong tea in Four Season with Aloe Vera was not too dry to the tastebud and refreshing with lychee juice and aloe vera bites. The Sweet Potato Black Tea Latte with Pearls had a strong taste of the sweet potato. I would have enjoyed more if the sweet potato is smoother and pearls are softer. Both sugar level at 50%, however the sweet potato black tea latte is still too sweet for my light tastebud. It is recommended to go for

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