REVAMP Bar & Kitchen sells lunchtime rice bowls 

Being a fresh JC graduate and having my meals settled in a school canteen for the large part of my life, I’ve yet to experience the woes of finding reliable lunch places in the CBD. There’s always the trouble of finding somewhere nearby that can satisfy everyone’s budgets and preferences. Situated in Tanjong Pagar, REVAMP Bar & Kitchen seems like a rather promising contender with its simple concept of lunchtime rice bowls. 

If you walk along the stretch of shophouses on Tanjong Pagar Street, the restaurant-cum-bar stands out with its modern decor. This is thanks to the owner Mr Wong, who is an established interior designer. He was the one behind the design of the restaurant. 

The recently opened REVAMP ambitiously pushes out two different menus in a day: one for lunch and one for dinner. The restaurant stays open till 1am to cater to late-night prowlers looking for supper, and there is also a bar that runs down the length of the entire space.

Food at REVAMP Bar & Kitchen Review

REVAMP’s lunch menu is rather straightforward, offering only eight different rice bowls to choose from. Each rice bowls comes topped with a choice of protein, one jiggly sous vide egg, and a handful of crunchy lettuce. Each order is also accompanied by a bowl of warm miso soup.

I reached for the dish I was most eager to try, the Dong Po Pork Belly ($10+) bowl. It arrived looking like a dreamy version of my ah ma’s lu rou fan. Thick slabs of layered pork belly were laid atop a bed of rice and stacked on one another. 

As I lifted up the hefty piece of meat, its dark glaze glistened appetisingly in the light.

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