Media Tasting at Monte Risaia

These days, Italian food, as well as Japanese cuisine can be found across Japan. If you’re a fan of both Italian and Japanese cuisine, Monte Risaia might be your ideal restaurant. Monte Risaia is a new omakase restaurant that specialises Japanese-inspired Italian cuisine using premium and seasonal ingredients from Japan. Helmed by Chef Taizo Yamada, an innovative gourmet expert with a devoted energy for Italian cooking. Chef Taizo started his career after high school in an Italian restaurant in Tokyo Shibuya before moving to Aponte Italian restaurant and then Singapore. The charming Japanese chef even heads to the market and handpicks for ingredients that decide the menu.

The meal started off with chopped scallop and otoro (tuna belly) tartare generously topped with ikura (salmon roe), it is an appetising dish indeed.

The dish that made me crave for the next days – Signature Uni Chawanmushi.

My kind of chawanmushi, creamy, smooth with luxurious uni (sea urchin) garnish. The chawanmushi is well mixed with uni. When placed in the mouth, it is filled with creamy uni taste that melts, leaving a good, lingering aftertaste in my tastebud.

While we were enjoy the uni chawanmushi, Chef Taizo is preparing the assorted antipasti with care.

The assorted antipasti comprises of Japanese Oyster with Ume Sherry Vinegar Sauce, Wagyu Prosciutto, Fresh Sashimi Shrimp served with Eggplant with Genovese Sauce and Tai (Red Snapper) Carpaccio in Shallot Vinaigrette Sauce. I’ve enjoyed the sashimi shrimp and Japanese oyster the most. The sashimi shrimp is naturally sweet with a nice crunchy texture and filled with dense basil pesto flavour. When tasting the oyster with ume sherry vinegar sauce, I can taste of spring. The oyster is buttery and fresh with a firm texture.

As we are sitted at the chef’s table, I’ve noticed that Chef Taizo paid extra attention to the

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