Rahim Muslim Food sells Power mee rebus 

I’ve never properly ordered a bowl of mee rebus for myself in my life. The bowl of thick yellow noodles, sitting in a viscous pool of gravy, topped with more ingredients, just never appeared appetising enough to me. However, after hearing of the long queues that would gather for the Power Mee Rebus from Rahim Muslim Food, I figured that there was no better place to challenge my opinion of the traditional dish, than at Rahim’s. 

A long history precedes this humble-looking hawker stall. First opened in 1957, this Muslim stall has been operating for over 60 years and is currently being run by its third generation. Despite moving several locations in the time they’ve been open, the stall still draws long queues till today.

Reading through the newspaper clippings that adorned the storefront, I spotted the owner’s smiling face even in articles dating back to the ’90s. Apparently, Rahim took over the stall in Upper Serangoon over 35 years ago, when he was only in his mid-twenties. 

Even then, the young business owner clearly had an affinity with the trade. His Power Mee Rebus went on to clinch food accolades, and even the Prime Minister at that time, Mr Goh Chok Tong, attested to the quality of his dishes. 

Food at Rahim Muslim Food

All the rave I’ve heard about the stall was for their Power Mee Rebus which comes with a topping of chicken and egg. But after seeing their Extra Special Mee Rebus ($6)—a level above even the Power Mee Rebus—on the menu, I knew that it was either ‘go big or go home’.  

Lifting the hefty bowl up to scrutinise the ingredients, I spotted a whole chicken thigh drenched in satay sauce, a chicken drumstick,

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