Another day, another bubble tea brand graces our shores. Our latest contender is Chun Fun How 春芳號, nestled in a little store in The Esplanade Mall.

Chun Fun How 春芳號 hails from Taiwan, which some people would consider the motherland of all things boba.

Aside from their drinks, Chun Fun How is also known for their pretty floral cups. As one who thinks herself above all these marketing ploys, I admit I was smitten by these darling cups.

Like any good bubble tea connoisseur, I tried Chun Fun How’s top five drinks. These included their signature Sweet Potato Black Tea Latte with Pearls (S$7.60), Lychee Four Season With Aloe Vera (S$6.60), Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea (S$5.80), Winter Melon Lemonade With Pearls (S$6) and Winter Melon Oolong Tea (S$5).

I was most excited to try their Sweet Potato Black Tea Latte with Pearls (S$7.60), given that I was a fan of the sweet potato drink at Don Don Donki. A little lighter than expected, I found myself searching for that sweet, starchy richness that a sweet potato drink promised. While I don’t doubt whether Chun Fun How used a real sweet potato, seeing as there were fibrous strands in the drink, there lacked a certain oomph from this cup.

I hoped the Lychee Four Season With Aloe Vera would turn my experience around. Refreshing with chunky cubes of aloe vera and the floral sweetness of the lychees, this was rather enjoyable.

The highlight surely had to be the Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea (S$5.80). With a thick creamy layer, things were looking up. The osmanthus supplied fragrant floral notes which complemented the robust oolong tea. Chun Fun How’s pearls were pretty satisfactory, soft and chewy but nothing revelatory.

While Chun Fun How’s cups are definitely irresistible, their drinks are a little less so. Of course, Chun Fun How’s drinks are

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