Tasty and affordable prawn noodles at East Treasure Speciality Prawn Noodle

With many stalls serving delicious prawn mee along Joo Chiat Road such as Beach Road Prawn Noodles and Da Dong Prawn Noodles, it’s hard for other prawn mee stalls to stand out. Opened by the Astons group, East Treasure Speciality Prawn Noodle is the newest contender amongst the big fishes.

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The restaurant used to go by the name ‘East Treasure Chinese Restaurant’, and it formerly sold traditional Chinese cuisine. Since August 2019, it has answered the call of many Singaporeans, and changed their name and cater to many Singaporeans’ love for hearty prawn noodles. 

Food at East Treasure Speciality Prawn Noodle

To start, we went for the most affordable item on the menu, the Classic Prawn Noodle ($5). To my surprise, the bowl was filled to the brim! It consisted of three decently sized prawns and numerous mouth-watering pork belly slices, all atop a bed of soupy, steaming mixed noodles. I had hoped for more of the flavourful prawn broth as the amount of soup present in this soup variation was rather modest. 

The prawns were sizeable and fresh, and their shells came off easily after a few light tugs. Chewing on the juicy, succulent chunks of sweet prawn meat made for a satisfying experience.

My go-to choice of noodles at any prawn mee stall is the yellow noodle and bee hoon mix. I really like their different textures, as the chewy bee hoon noodles complement the smooth feel produced by yellow noodles.

The yellow noodles were delightfully buttery. I was glad that its distinct alkaline taste did not overpower my palate as I’m not a

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