Tasty baked chicken wings at E1 Wingz 

There’s something almost symbolic about chicken wings. Plop them down on any table and all social conventions are a thing of the past, as everyone gets down and dirty with their hands to obtain tasty chunks of meat.

Chicken wings are mostly fried, and though popular, they’re also very unhealthy. Unlike most joints, E1 Wingz aims to provide a healthier alternative to fried chicken. The restaurant serves baked chicken wings that come in many unique flavours, and no oil is used in the baking process.

Food at E1 Wingz

All of the 12 baked chicken flavours are of the same price, so we got their speciality Zesty Orange ($6.90 for four pieces) to start.

Each chicken wing and drumstick was slathered with generous amounts of orange marmalade. They are then oven-baked to allow that citrusy goodness to gradually seep into the meat to produce a deeper flavour. I’ve never heard of marmalade being paired with chicken, so I was excited to try E1 Wingz’s rendition.

The chicken meat was succulent, and it came off the bone easily after a few gentle tugs. The richness of the chicken and the refreshing sweetness of the orange jam made for a comforting mouthful.

The dash of lemon juice from the lemon squeeze provided a welcome zestiness, and it further deepened the flavour profile of this dish.

Anything related to salted egg seems to be popular, so we opted for the Salted Egg ($6.90 for four pieces). Its presentation was no-frills, as each piece was coated by a messy layer of golden salted egg yolk sauce.

Sadly, instead of the creamy salted egg yolk sauce that we were promised on the menu, the salted egg yolk bits were dry. The

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