$0.10 toppings at Amazing Hokkaido 

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Generous portions are always well received by diners, but Amazing Hokkaido takes this to the next level by loading their Bursting Salmon Roe Rice Bowl ($39.90++) with an abundant serving of fresh ikura. 

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There’s an additional reason to check it out over the next few days as they’re having a $0.10 promotion on four different toppings from now till 30 April 2020.

All diners have to do is to fork up an additional $0.10 for every order of the Bursting Salmon Roe Rice Bowl to get a choice of four pieces of salmon sashimi, two pieces of ootoro, 20g of crab meat, or 10g of uni.

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We’re keeping a keen eye on the uni topping, which would otherwise cost $23.90 for a 25g portion. At just a fraction of the price, the $0.10 promotion is certainly one of the best to check out this weekend. Take note that the promotion only gives 10g of uni. 

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Opened last year in September, Amazing Hokkaido serves up a variety of Hokkaido dishes. Most of their ingredients are sourced from Hokkaido, and the seafood in particular are delivered fresh from Sapporo Central Wholesale Market. 

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They also whip up a mouth-watering serving of Muroran Yakitori ($3.90++), an izakaya favourite from Hokkaido that features fatty pork belly and onion pieces. The onion and pork cubes are then carefully seared over an open charcoal fire for a beautiful char. 

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