Media Tasting at Peach Garden

In conjunction with the cherry blossom season, Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant showcasing ‘OISHI Flavours of Japan’ with a unique Nipponese twist. The Japanese-inspired dishes are featured in brand new dim sum, a la carte and set menu offerings. Time to take home a nice memory of Japanese cuisine at Peach Garden. ‘OISHI Flavours of Japan’ is available until 30 April 2020 for lunch and dinner.

The chilled sea urchin tofu is inspired by pitan (century) tofu (beancurd). Smooth tofu with a slice crisp fried ikan. Would appreciate this dish more if there’s a stronger uni taste. This appetiser is set on a bowl of ice makes a delightful respite on a sweltering day.

Chilled Sea Urchin Tofu at S$22.

Under the dim sum menu, it’s hard not to notice Steamed Siew Mai with Sea Urchin. As the siew mai is served warm, you might notice that the sea urchin melts simply too quickly. I think the creamy sea urchin gave the siew mai a bolder taste that is richer in umami and slight bitter notes. Steamed Siew Mai with Sea Urchin at S$8.80.

Crunchy shrimp spotted in the steamed dumpling, would have enjoyed more if it is served pipping hot. Steamed Dumpling with Japanese Geoduck Clam at S$7.80.

The luxurious one bite dumpling is generously filled with A5 wagyu. The minced beef was well-marinated with a nice pepper and tasted decently tender . However, there is no hot soup found in the dumpling. Steamed Xiao Long Bao with A5 Wagyu Beef at S$8.80.

The pork loin is marinated with only salt and pepper, lean with no fats. It is pan-fried leaving nice brown bits on the surface. Something interesting that caught my eye first was the edible gold

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