$5 and under Japanese food delivery

With the current ban on dining-in at restaurants, deliveries are far by the easiest method to get food to your table, as they’re just a mere click away. However, many Singaporeans have shunned away from them due to exorbitant delivery fees. We have answered your calls and curated this list of 18 Japanese food places with delivery fees of $5 and less, so that y’all will be able to feast on your fav’ Japanese food while saving more moolah!


Famous Fukuoka ramen chain Kanada-Ya has made waves in Singapore’s ramen scene with their Truffle Ramen ($25.03+). Each basic bowl features two slices of truffle belly chashu, earthy black truffle jelly, and asparagus—all simmered in a warm, flavourful broth. 

There’s a minimum order of $55 with a $5 delivery fee. This fee is waived for orders above $70. Spend a minimum of $80 to get a free gyoza dish (U.P. $6.84+).

Kanada-Ya: Famous Ramen Restaurant From Fukuoka Opens With 100% Cash Rebate From 13 To 15 Dec 2019

Kanada-Ya order form

2. SENS Sushi & Grill

SENS Sushi & Grill presents a myriad of contemporary Japanese cuisine including sashimi, sushi, and teppanyaki. Their Kurobuta Cheese Rosu ($21.62) is a unique play on tonkatsu. Each addictive piece of breaded pork loin contains luscious cheese filling encapsulated by a crispy exterior. The dish is served with a side of refreshing shredded cabbage.

There’s a minimum order of $40, with a flat $5 delivery fee. This fee is waived for orders above $100. Deliveries start as early as 9am! From now till the end of May 2020, there’s a 20% discount on all orders with the promo code SENS20. 

SENS Sushi & Grill order form

3. Sushi Tei

Established in 1994, Sushi Tei

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