Easy scrambled egg recipes

Consisting of only eggs, the cheapest protein available, scrambled eggs are an affordable and easy way to pick up cooking. While the dish may look simple, its technique is hard to master. Take your eye away from the stove for just a few seconds, and the eggs might turn from delightfully creamy to dangerously rubbery. While there are numerous types of scrambled eggs, they can largely be broken down into two schools: creamy and fluffy. The difference between these two varieties is the size of the egg curds which give different textures. Read on to see how you can whip up these easy scrambled egg recipes.

1. Creamy Scrambled Eggs

The key to creamy scrambled eggs is constant movement and low heat. By moving them around all the time, pockets of air and steam will be removed, resulting in extra smooth and silky eggs. The eggs take slightly longer to cook, requiring around five minutes from start to finish. To prevent the eggs from being overcooked while sitting on the pan for too long, prepare all the ingredients and equipment beforehand.

Start by beating three eggs with a fork in a mixing bowl. Season with a touch of salt and a knob of butter. The butter gives an added touch of creaminess, making the eggs velvety smooth. 

Add a knob of butter to a frying pan on low heat. When the butter is almost melted, add in the eggs and stir constantly. 

Scramble the eggs around, until the curds are broken into small pieces. Keep a firm eye on the eggs. Remember, the secret to creamy scrambled eggs is to keep them moving around on low heat. 

Feel free to briefly remove the pan from the stove when the eggs look

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