Crab delivery in Singapore

One of the things I miss most in this Circuit Breaker world is having zi char suppers with my homies after the daily grind. Of course, no zi char meal is complete without some seafood. In our case, we always get a mountain of crabs. Luckily, nomming on the crustacean’s briny meat is still possible—thanks to these restaurants offering crab delivery.

Whether it’s meaty chilli crabs or seafood bags, there’s something for every taste bud on this list.

1. 8 Crabs

8 Crabs’ dishes differ from most of the ones on this list—in that they’re made with wild Sri Lankan crabs, as opposed to farmed ones. As a result, the crabs are bigger and meatier, and are free from any ammonia traces. Choose from three delectable flavours—black pepper, chilli, and salted egg—all of which start at a reasonable price of $60 for two medium-sized crabs.

We especially loved their Award-Winning Salted Egg Crab that’s doused in rich salted egg yolk sauce, infused with chilli padi for a slightly spicy kick. The sauce comes in an extremely generous amount, so be sure to add on a set of Fried Mantou ($6 for five pieces) to mop up all that remaining gravy.

There’s a maximum of 12 hours between catching the crabs in the wild and delivering them to the customer, so you can be assured of their freshness. Order above $120 to score free delivery. Alternatively, you can opt for their Express One Hour Delivery for $18.

8 Crabs order form

2. Momma Kong’s

Image credit: @momma_kongs

Pao fan—rice drenched in broth—is a traditional Teochew dish that’s hard to find in Singapore these days. So you can only imagine the uniqueness of Momma Kong’s Crab Pao Fan ($58). The filling dish comprises an entire crab, diced

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