Korean garlic cream cheese bread in Singapore

Korea has given us many beloved dishes, but one street food classic is definitely taking the top spot as a breakfast favourite of late: garlic cream cheese bread.

Pillowy milk buns, slathered with garlic butter, stuffed with ooey-gooey cheese and topped with garlic crisps are what #breadporn dreams are made of, so we’re only too happy to share that bakeries in Singapore have been sporting this speciality on their shelves.

For the best Korean garlic cream cheese bread in Singapore and where to find them, read on. Both in-store bakeries and home baker options are listed below.

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Bakeries 1. Barcook Bakery

Locally-owned Barcook Bakery is a staple for lovers of soft brioche buns. While they are renowned for their Japanese-style bakes, including one of the best cream cheese raisin buns we’ve ever had, their seasonal selection is all about Korea. The starring role is taken by their Garlic Cream Cheese ($1.80) bun, where milky, sugary brioche dipped in garlic butter meets a generous pat of cream cheese. This is definitely one of the sweeter ones we’ve had, so bear this in mind if you prefer your buns savoury.

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2. Paris Baguette

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Come to Paris Baguette for their tarts and stay for their buns. The Cream Cheese Garlic Bread ($4.20), has a golden brown, crisp skin brushed with garlic butter, and when pulled apart, reveals creamy cheese packed in. The use of garlic here is unrestrained in the best way possible, so expect the bread to be punchy.

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3. Desem Bakery


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