Kuroshiro serves cheap white curry

White curry isn’t something everyone is familiar with. In fact, those who actually know and love this unique variation of Japanese curry, are aware that it is a pretty rare find in Singapore. So I definitely lucked out when I found Kuroshiro, a new hawker stall that had white curry on their menu.

Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry Review: First Japanese White Curry Rice In Singapore

For those who aren’t sure what white curry is, it is a Japanese curry made with Hokkaido milk, giving it a paler colour and creamier texture. Kuroshiro, which opened late July, serves up the same Hokkaido milk-based white curry, but at inexpensive prices.

Food at Kuroshiro

We went straight for the Chicken Karaage White Curry Rice ($5) which was served piping hot. This dish was also the cheapest on the menu, giving a good bang for the buck.

The ivory curry was silky smooth with a thick consistency, likely from the creamy Hokkaido milk used. The white curry had a rich and distinct milky flavour. The generous portions of fork-tender potatoes and carrots also gave the curry a natural sweetness.

Japanese curry conventionally packs some heat, but this white curry’s buttery richness made up for its lack of spiciness. My only complaint was that I would’ve loved a better portion of white curry to rice ratio. Having devoured the white curry quickly, I soon found myself scraping for more to go with the remaining rice.

Despite being the cheapest protein choice on Kuroshiro’s menu, their chicken karaage paired surprisingly well with the white curry. Its well-marinated and springy meat complemented the sweet, velvety white curry both in flavour and texture.

While white curry may be Kuroshiro’s star dish, brown curry is available

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