Crisp and fluffy rosti with tasty sides

A good rosti, or any rosti at all, is hard to come by in Singapore. Enter The 6ixs, started by a group of friends who took it upon themselves to fill this rosti-sized gap. What started as a roving stand at corporate events and the annual Marina Bay Carnival, selling this Swiss potato fritter, grew into what is now a permanent site in a modern coffee shop at 25 Ghim Moh Link. 

Food at The 6ixs

Rosti at The 6ixs is made fresh on-site every day with Russet potatoes from USA. We saw some pre-fried discs of rosti sitting by the pan when we arrived, but these were re-fried when we ordered. Perhaps this allows them to serve the food quicker, but frankly, we didn’t feel anything was amiss when we bit into our rosti.

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We had expected the Cheesy Rosti ($7) to come on a hotplate like on their signage, but it arrived on a plate with coleslaw on the side and a big splotch of white cream. This was their homemade sour cream, which was light, creamy and not too tangy. My dining companions enjoyed this with the rosti and cheese, but I personally preferred my rosti without.

The dish was liberally topped with mozzarella cheese, although this was kept to the middle of the rosti, providing an even distribution of melty cheese and crispy fried potato. The melted cheese went well with the rosti, which was lightly crisp on the outside without being over-fried, and fluffy on the inside. We liked that the finer-than-average threads of potato meant more crispy bits.

My favourite dish of the day was the Classic Rosti

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