Hey there foodies! If there’s one thing that we all love, it’s most definitely an after-meal snack. Here in Singapore, there are plenty of snacks that we can opt for such as Curry Puff, Muah Chee as well as a classic favourite, Teochew meat puff. Speaking of this, did you guys know that our favourite Teochew meat puff spot is finally opening its very own full-fledged store over at Woodlands? Keep reading to find out more!

Teochew Meat Puff To Open Permanent Stall At Wave 9, Woodlands

When it comes to snacking Teochew meat puff, we will all involuntarily think of Teochew Meat Puff. Of course, with such a distinct name, it’s no reason not to think of them right? Well, aside from its befitting name, this stall is our favourite because of its crispy crust and a generous portion of meat fillings. A mere description alone is already leaving us drooling.

Teochew Meat Puff WoodlandsPhoto: @savingkaya (Instagram)

If you’re a huge fan of Teochew Meat Puff, you’ll know that they do not have a fixed location and place. Often, they only serve these piping hot snacks at night markets (pasar malam). Yet somehow, we can always spot this stall because of it’s snaking long queue from hungry foodies. Priced from S$1.80 to S$3.50 the fillings include oyster pork, vegetable, as well as prawn pork.

Teochew Meat Puff WoodlandsPhoto: @tianglinda (Instagram)

Now, on to the good news:  Teochew Meat Puff will be opening their very first full-fledged stall over at Woodlands Yay! Announced on their official Facebook page, the stall will be located

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