Bloom Artisan serves handmade gelato

Hidden away from the bustling streets of Yishun, Bloom Artisan is a relatively new neighbourhood cafe, home to affordable gelato and sourdough waffles.

To most, Bloom Artisan may seem like just any other HDB cafe. Yet at a closer look, you can tell they pay attention to detail by handcrafting their own gelato. This gives them the freedom to experiment freely with flavours, which explains their wide menu of unique flavours such as whisky crancherry, wheatmilk and more.

Food at Bloom Artisan

We went for their Brown Butter Sourdough Waffle ($4) along with a scoop of Strawberry Milk Gelato ($3.50). While cafes selling waffles are aplenty, sourdough waffles are less common.

The crispy waffles gave a soft crunch as I cut through it to reveal an airy and fluffy interior. Unlike regular sweet waffles, Bloom Artisan’s version gave unique nutty, savoury notes and had a mild yet distinct tang thanks to the combination of brown butter and sourdough.

We paired these slightly tart waffles with a scoop of strawberry milk gelato, which according to the staff, was made from real strawberries and milk. Unlike regular strawberry-flavoured ice cream that comes in an artificially pink hue, this gelato sported an off-white colour from milk.

Fresh strawberry milk, previously popularised by Korean cafes, came to mind instantly as I dug into this strawberry milk gelato. It is much different from artificially flavoured strawberry ice cream that tended to be cloyingly sweet. Instead, the gelato was light and refreshingly sweet, complementing the crispy and savoury, tangy waffles in both texture and taste.

Bloom Artisan is known for their interesting array of gelato flavours and we gave their popular and unique Whisky Crancherry Gelato ($4.20) a taste.

This creamy, honeyed gelato

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