Burger King has 1-for-1 promotions

This month is packed with fast food promotions, and Burger King has now tossed its hat in the ring to keep you spoiled for choice. From now till 19 October, the fast-food chain will be running 1-for-1 promotions on popular menu items, redeemable via coupons on its mobile app.

Image credit: Burger King Singapore

Choose from eight different menu items to snag a 1-for-1 deal on. These include the ever-popular Single Mushroom Swiss Burger, now priced at $4.90 for two instead of $9.80, Small Onion Rings at $2.40 for two instead of $4.80, and two Double Cheeseburgers for $5.80, normally priced at $11.60.

Image credit: Burger King Singapore

Breakfast items are also applicable for discounts. The Single Mushroom Croissan’wich duo is a mere $5.50 with the coupon when usually, it’ll set you back $11. For vegetarians or those seeking a plant-based option, two BK Veggi Croissan’wich burgers will cost $4, not $8.

Image credit: Burger King Singapore

Drinks such as the Minute Maid Float and Malty Shake are also on discount.

All you need to do to claim these are the following:

Download or open your Burger King app Go to the Promotions page Click on Coupons and find the one you’d like to claim Show it to the counter staff the next time you’re dining at Burger King

If you don’t yet have the app, you can download it for iOS and Android.

Note that these promotions are not available at Burger King’s airport outlets, or with any other promotion, discount, or for delivery.

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