Singapore’s first 7-Eleven x Coca-Cola concept store

7-Eleven (7-11) has joined forces with Coca-Cola Singapore to bring in the first-ever 7-Eleven x Coca-Cola concept store in Singapore.

Image credit: 7-Eleven X Coca-Cola Singapore

Our favourite go-to mart has thrilled our taste buds with a diverse range of inspired convenience foods such as Chicken Rice Onigiri and Baked Mentaiko Pasta. Now, their upcoming concept store is a breath of fresh air as it steps out of the mould of your typical 7-Eleven.  

7-Eleven Now Has Chicken Rice Onigiri For $2.50 At All Stores

Image credit: 7-Eleven X Coca-Cola Singapore

Much like an upgraded convenience store, the two-storey shop presents an array of well-loved offerings from both brands, from 7-Eleven’s ready-to-eat meals to the thirst-quenching Coca-Cola beverages. 

Treat yourself to 7-Eleven’s new scrumptious fried chicken selection, such as the crispy nuggets and drumsticks, priced between $0.50 to $1.50. If you have a sweet tooth, go for their freshly baked goods, including the Butter Croissant ($2) and Cocoa Hazelnut Croissant ($2.50).

Image credit: 7-Eleven X Coca-Cola Singapore

The decor is where the concept store stands out. You can expect a modern interior dressed in the iconic Coca Cola red, along with themed wall murals and Insta-worthy furniture at every corner. The retro neon signs planted on their feature walls also makes for a fantastic post on your Instagram feed. There’s even a foosball table, charging points and bean bags for a little R and R. 

If you’re up for a challenge, try your luck at their claw machines to win attractive prizes such as foldable bicycles, picnic tables and more. Tokens for the claw machines will be provided with a minimum spend of $7 at the retail area, which has to include a purchase of Coca-Cola, Sprite or A&W beverages.

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