Southeast Asia’s first Luke’s Lobster opens 23 September

My first lobster roll came courtesy of Luke’s Lobster on a cold, wintry birthday evening in Harajuku. Given the line I encountered at its Japanese outpost, I definitely expect you’ll have to queue when Luke’s Lobster Singapore opens its doors at Isetan Scotts on 23 September 2020, too. This store will be its 33rd outlet worldwide, and first in Southeast Asia. Ahead of its opening, I went down to check out the outlet and try the menu.

Food at Luke’s Lobster

Luke’s Lobster prides themselves on the top-quality Maine lobsters, crabs and shrimp that are sustainably-sourced and traceable from ocean to plate. The seafood is steamed, picked and flash-frozen straight out of the waters off the Northeast Coast of America. 

Currently, Luke’s Lobster will only be serving their world-famous rolls in three variations: Lobster ($25.50), Crab ($23.50) and Shrimp ($21.50). Each comes stuffed with four ounces (113g) of crustaceous heaven. These are labelled US size, and are the only option available for now. Three-ounce rolls, a Regular in Luke’s Japan stores, will eventually be introduced. 

The seafood is served chilled, in a buttered, split-top bun that’s specifically made in Singapore for Luke’s Lobster. It’s accompanied with a splash of mayonnaise, a dash of lemon butter, and their Special Seasoning (we hear it includes garlic powder, oregano and sea salt) for that final pizzazz.

Our vote goes to the Lobster Roll ($25.50) ─ we can’t get over how sweet and succulent the lobster flesh is. It melds perfectly with the lemon butter, rounding out the sweetness of the meat with just the right hint of tartness. We love the oomph that their Special Seasoning brings to the roll, which is soft, fluffy and toasts up just fine. Fair warning

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