Ice On You has affordable Thai desserts

We’ve all found ourselves in Bangkok at some point, scouring for trendy, affordable buys as well as delectable Thai eats. For Wee Seng and Jacqueline, the bubbly owners of Ice On You, their getaway to the bustling city was for a completely different reason ─ to learn and bring Thai desserts to our shores. 

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Bringing both their jovial personalities and Bangkok-inspired desserts into Ghim Moh Road Market and Food Centre, this chirpy couple has been running Ice On You for only six months, enticing passers-by with their Thai-inspired shaved ice desserts and ice-blended drinks. 

Apart from a specially curated menu that suits the local palate, they expound the use of Thai ingredients to replicate authentic Thai dessert flavours in their offerings. You can also opt for your preferred sugar level in their ice-blended beverages. 

Food at Ice On You

The Giant Thai Milk Tea Shavers ($13.80) is an oversized version of their Thai milk tea shaved ice dessert. It’s more than enough to feed four sweet-toothed addicts. It seems like Oriental Ice Bistro has competition in the arena of XXL desserts now. 

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This off-menu item had a whopping pyramid of shaved ice, drenched with Thai milk tea and topped with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. It was also accompanied by a variety of elements including black pearls, sago, jelly and cornflakes. The accompaniments came in assorted textures, making for a crunchy and chewy combo. 

I could instantly tell that the Thai milk tea was well-brewed, with its floral fragrance and balanced milky

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