Limpeh serves fried yam cake

Fried carrot cake, or as many of us call it, chai tow kway, is something that I grew up eating. So when I heard that the hawker stall Limpeh stirred the attention of many for their fried yam cake, I was both intrigued and excited to give them a try. This is because the yam variant is less common compared to the conventional use of white radish.

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We ordered both the fried carrot cake and yam cake, which I could hardly tell apart after they were tossed onto the pan and smothered with egg.

According to the owner of Limpeh, their carrot and yam cakes are house-made daily, ensuring freshness. This is much unlike many other stalls which often order their cakes from external suppliers.

Food at Limpeh

At first glance, I could barely tell them apart as they served up our plates of Homemade Stir-Fried Yam Cake ($5.40) and Homemade Carrot Cake ($3.80) at the same time. It was all until I noticed little chunks of darker coloured yam peeking from below the layer of fried egg. Unlike how similar they looked, the yam and carrot versions offered a different experience taste-wise.

Limpeh’s take on carrot cake provided rather soft cubes of white radish and rice flour, with textures almost teetering on being mushy. That being said, there are also little chunks of chye poh that provided some crunch. We enjoyed the carrot cake with some of their house-made chilli, which ran satisfyingly fiery.

The stir-fried yam cake was starkly different from the mushy carrot cake, providing firmer bites as we dug into the dish. The chunks of yam stir-fried with dried shrimp and

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