Best donuts in Singapore

I grew up with a serious love for donuts — or doughnuts if you will — thanks to the bakery below my HDB block. These sugar-studded rounds were a treat for sitting through tuition classes or helping out with household chores, so it’s no surprise that come adulthood, passing by a local donut shop sends the reward centre of my brain firing in all happy directions.

Nowadays, donuts are returning to the spotlight in Singapore thanks to a growing number of local bakers, both on and offline. These are not your international franchises either, but homegrown donut specialty stores that push out ever-inventive flavours. From Singapore-inspired flavours such as Milo Dinosaur to unique takes on stuffed bombolinis with sourdough, here are some of the best donuts we’ve tried.

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1. Burnt Ends Bakery 

Image credit: @travellingfoodmonster

Michelin-starred restaurant, Burnt Ends, has been having great success with its sister concept, the Burnt Ends Bakery, thanks to their Milo Dinosaur Doughnuts ($24 for six). Brioche doughnuts are filled with a silken Milo cream, then topped with a Milo biscuit for crunch. Though they were made for the Singapore Food Festival 2020 at first, the traction these received made them a permanent fixture on the Burnt Ends Bakery menu. They also sell other flavours, including Plain ($18 for six), Passionfruit Curd ($24 for six), Nutella ($24 for six) and Vanilla Cream ($24 for six). Do note that you have to order online, and that Burnt Ends Bakery does store pick-up or delivery only.

Address: 20 Teck Lim Road, Level 3, Singapore 088391
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am to 4pm

2. City Donut

Housed along Telok Ayer, City Donut is a relatively new cafe that specialises

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