Shiok Shiok Noodles has mala bak chor mee 

Mala has found its way into the hearts of chilli-loving Singaporeans with its tongue-numbing and spice-infused flavour. This explains the tornado of mala creations, ranging from mala snacks to fusion dishes such as the mala unagi pasta at Fatbowls. Shiok Shiok Noodles has just joined the field, serving the first-ever mala bak chor mee in Singapore. 

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Young hawker Kelvin Tan dedicated three months to mastering the making of bak chor mee from experts, before opening Shiok Shiok Noodles in mid-September. 

‘‘It’s his passion,’’ his mother exclaimed, gazing at him proudly when asked why he chose to own a minced meat noodle stall. Apart from the mala bak chor mee, which is his own creation, he also offers noodle dishes with mixed pork offals.  

Food at Shiok Shiok Noodles

The Spicy Mala Minced Meat Noodle ($4.50) is essentially your typical bowl of fishball noodles, but with mala sauce-coated mee pok. 

The noodles were al dente, flavoured with a fragrant mala sauce that was considerably lighter compared to the usual mala xiang guo. The spice level was somewhere between xiao la to zhong la, making it suitable for people with a low spice tolerance. As with all mala dishes, I would’ve preferred it to be saucier for a stronger and punchier taste. 

Nonetheless, Kelvin managed to execute a decent bowl of mala bak chor mee. I recommend opting for plain noodles such as kway teow or mee tai mak, instead of egg noodles, so as to let the mala flavour shine through. 

I have a soft spot for flavourful and soupy dishes, which was why I was so eager to try

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