IG-worthy interior and food at Daizu Cafe

There are simply two criteria in my book that makes a cafe worth going back for ─ a comfortable setting, as well as unique and delicious food. Most of the time, we get the first, and rarely the second. However, Daizu Cafe is one underdog that proves itself worthy of future visits with its ambience and dishes, in spite of its rather basic-looking decor.

This two-level coffee house takes over the space that used to be Jok Jok Mor. Its austere interiors will satisfy your inner minimalist,  while the visually-pleasing dishes, most of which are soy-focused, are worth returning for. 

Upon reaching the cafe, the sight of its industrial exterior got my inner hipster hopping in excitement.

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Food at Daizu Cafe

Daizu Cafe has a brunch menu that is available between 11am to 3pm. One of their must-try brunch options is the Lemon Miso Eggs Benedict ($24). 

There are so many ways you can make eggs benedict, and here, Daizu Cafe takes a Japanese-inspired approach to this popular brunch dish. It features their house special, a lemon miso hollandaise sauce. The savoury hints of miso and a zing from the lemon in the sauce truly completed the dish.     

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A typical eggs benedict has bacon or ham, which tends to be a little too greasy for my palate. However, the use of smoked salmon here instead of processed meats led to a lighter and cleaner aftertaste without compromising on the saltiness.    

The brioche bun was another well-executed element. Toasted to perfection, it was crispy and full of buttery goodness. 


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