KFC Singapore is offering two app exclusives this October. Get Platter Pancakes and Zinger Stacker for $3.95 each. Terms and conditions apply.

There is one thing that will always be true – there’s nothing more that we love more than deals! It is especially true when the deal has to do something with food. Apart from grilled chicken is back on the menu, here’s another great news. For this month only, KFC Singapore will be offering two banging deals for app exclusives. Gather around (virtually), we are about to drop the news!

KFC S’pore October App Exclusives Photo: KFC Singapore

KFC Singapore is celebrating October with two app exclusives. Rise and shine with the first deal, Pancake Platters. Instead of the usual price of $5.50, get it for only $3.95 (28% off). Pancake Platters comprise two fluffy pancakes, one hash brown, and of course, one fried chicken. Nothing is more satisfying than melted butter on pancakes. The perfect way to start a fruitful day!

Photo: @kfc_sg (Instagram)

Next up, get the delicious Zinger Stacker! Available after 11:00 a.m., the Zinger Stacker is 42% off with the usual price at $6.85, and now it is $3.95. Between two sesame buns, find two succulent fried chicken patty, cheese slices, and fresh greens. It’s the perfect go-to treat if you are craving for fried chicken, but looking for something that really fills you up!

Two Amazing Deals At KFC S’pore Photo: @whataleats (Instagram)

Apart from October App Exclusives, there

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