Rise & Rice Grill Kitchen serves affordable Western fare

From Yes! Nasi Kukus to Yan Ji Seafood Soup, Woodlands is home to some of my favourite food gems. So as a Northie foodie, I was curious to find out if Rise & Rice Grill Kitchen was yet another hawker Western stall, or in fact a hidden treasure in Woodlands.

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When I visited, one of the friendly chefs shared that she had used to work in Collin’s. Having taken a part in crafting Rise & Rice Grill Kitchen’s menu and recipes, she quipped that she wanted to bring quality dishes to customers at an affordable price after her experience working in Western restaurants.

Food At Rise & Rice Grill Kitchen

I went straight for the Grilled Chicken Chop ($6.50), which came with a generous slab of meat doused in black pepper sauce, alongside a liberal portion of aglio olio, fries, and salad.

Our chunk of chicken was succulent, giving a good bite as I bit down on it. The starchy black pepper sauce also gave this thick piece of meat extra juiciness and nice, sharp kicks of pepper.

Accompanying the protein was a well-seasoned serving of garlicky aglio olio that had a light touch of heat from red pepper flakes. For just $6.50, this dish made a hearty and filling meal for me.

As a seafood lover, I had to give the Seafood Marinara ($6.50) a try. It was coloured a fiery orange, which was a beautiful sight!

Digging into my plate of pasta, I was greeted with a punch of satisfying tanginess from the tomato sauce, justifying the marinara’s intense colour. The creamy sauce which

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