Lobster rolls that overflow with sweet seafood

10 years ago, lobster rolls were never on most Singaporeans craving list. However, it has since become a mainstream menu item over the past decade. It isn’t just confined to upmarket restaurants with exorbitant prices either. A series of lobster roll specialists has entered the fray, offering the iconic New England sandwich at accessible prices.

Naturally, succulent and uber-fresh lobster flesh is the most important box to tick for a great lobster roll. However, a well-toasted, sinfully buttery brioche roll is vital too, as is a creamy yet light mayonnaise dressing. These 10 lobster rolls fit those criteria. Regardless of price, you’ll find a lobster roll here befitting any occasion.

Lobster Rolls In Singapore

Get succulent lobster rolls at every corner of Singapore, including one that’s loaded with shaved truffles!Find out more:https://eatbook.sg/lobster-rolls/Lobsters & Ice Cream V2.0 – https://eatbook.sg/lobsters-ice-cream-v2/Chunky Lobsters – https://eatbook.sg/chunky-lobsters/Burger & Lobster – https://eatbook.sg/burger-and-lobster/Pince & Pints – https://eatbook.sg/pince-and-pints-crab/

Posted by Eatbook.sg on Thursday, September 12, 2019

1. Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster is one of the most popular restaurants in London for a casual yet classy meal. While you’ll still have to head to the airport for a taste of their famed crustaceans, you can at least dispense with the plane ticket. That’s because this renowned British eatery was part of the spate of international restaurants that set foot in Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport. Now, it has an outlet in Raffles Hotel too.

You can’t go wrong with their Original Roll (from $28++). Their toasty brioche buns exude butteriness, and overflow with chilled lobster flesh before being topped with a sprinkle of scallions. Unsurprisingly for a restaurant with “lobster” in their name, their eponymous crustaceans are wonderfully plump, bursting with natural seafood sweetness.

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