We’ve always liked I’m Kim @ SOTA for their Korean BBQ. I remember work gatherings, and family dinners here. It’s affordable and superb value for money. Their meats come in generous cuts and the vegetables always fresh. 

Yeah, where else can you get a meaty buffet from S$12.90++? 😀 Remember the good old days when we could pick from the buffet counter all the meat, vegetables and cooked dishes that we liked?  

Bacon, pork belly, beef roll, marinated rib-eye, beef short ribs, pork collar, spicy pork collar, Korean honey pork, volcano chicken and black pepper chicken…  

All the prawns, kimchi, sausages, baby corn, lettuce, pumpkin, golden mushroom, eggplant, green chillies, onions and scallions to go with the BBQ. 

And then you have the cooked dishes which you can indulge in while your meats are sizzling and cooking. 

These are the goodies laid out at I’m Kim but due to Covid-19 cautionary restrictions, they are served to your table. 

 I had thought I would miss the experience of taking my own food, but actually this is even better. It’s much neater and better organised. Also much more photogenic and Instagrammable! 
This does mean the poor service team at I’m Kim has to work extra hard bringing nicely plated food for you. 

Dipping sauces here are great, full of bold flavours. You can even use the sesame oil – salt to dab on the meats as they cook.

 There are three soups

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