I know we have been raving about Victor Famous Fried Chicken Wings for a while. Here’s another new found favourite stall for me – Da Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice.

And the good news is, they are open for dinner till sold out. If you are lucky, you might be able to eat it for supper too.

Don’t be surprised to see a long queue – their chicken rice is hugely popular. Oh wait, let me be specific. Their fried chicken wing is the star here.

It’s always a two-man show here and the lady boss takes the order, scoops the rice onto the plates, and is the only one frying the chicken wings. Talk about multi-tasking, I think I need to learn from her.

We ordered their Famous Fried Chicken Wing Rice ($3.30) and as I stuffed the whole drumstick into my mouth, my eyes literally lit up.

Look at these golden brown juicy chicken wings. They are encrusted in a crispy  batter and were exploding with savoury juices. They were so addictive that even the wingtips were polished clean by is. I like that the meat was tender, well-marinated, and not too oily. Please don’t ask me to compare it to Victor Famous Fried Chicken Wing, it’s really a difficult choice.

But these deep-fried chicken wings are certainly worth making a trip down for. They remind me of the old school carona chicken wings. And they taste even better when eaten with the addictive chilli sauce, which not only elevates the flavour of the wings but also gives them a nice spicy twist.

Here’s a tip – have the wings with the rice and order extra wings ($1.40 each). Because one is never enough.

As usual, my husband dove straight into the steamed chicken

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