Korfe Korean Bakery by Huluruk Myeon House

I was doomscrolling through Instagram one day when I saw some users posting about injeolmi mochi buns from a Korean bakery called Korfe by Huluruk Myeon House. I had never heard of them, but the combination of injeolmi and bread was enough to send me down to its address in Bishan.

Korfe is a small concept housed within the Korean noodle restaurant, Huluruk Myeon House, at Junction 8. Accessible via the back entrance of the eatery just next to BreadTalk, Korfe’s storefront is as undiscerning as can be, just a small display case lined with buns, a couple of al fresco tables, and a sign advertising for authentic Dalgona Coffee at $4.

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There are six bread items on the menu. Two are croissants, specifically a butter croissant and an almond croissant. The rest are buns reminiscent of those you’d find in Korean bakeries, and I bagged all four of them. Sorry for not trying the croissants, but I had my mind and stomach set on Korean buns specifically.

The flavours I got were the Korean Garlic Bun, the Injelomi Red Bean Bun, the Nutella Cookie Bun and the Matcha Cookie Bun. All the bakes at Korfe are $2 each, including the croissants.

First, the Korean Garlic Bun. Loaded with soft cream cheese and garlic butter, these buns have made their rounds around Instagram lately. The one at Korfe is quite the exception.

While most Korean garlic cream cheese buns tend to use sweetened cream cheese, which tends to overpower the garlic flavour, Korfe’s version is more savoury and balanced. Fresh chives and garlic crisps are added too, for both texture and fragrance.

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