Nasty Cookie cafe and factory in Kaki Bukit

Come 15 October, Kaki Bukit gets a little bit more exciting and a lot sweeter with Nasty Cookie’s second outpost ─ Nasty Factory. This is a brand-new, 4,000 square-foot cafe, R&D kitchen and production space right by the MRT station that you can visit and dine at.

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Nasty Factory follows the gourmet cookie brand’s takeout-only kiosk, which launched in Funan last year. Their signature cookies are made here, with over 2,000 being baked a day. Sharing the space is a concept cafe with an in-house barista and house-blended beans so you can have a cup of coffee along with your cookie.

To celebrate the opening, Nasty Cookie has a colourful new addition to their menu. The Birthday Cake ($5.50) is, literally, a birthday cake in a cookie. It’s filled with white chocolate chips, vanilla cream, and speckled with psychedelic sugar sprinkles.

I found this a tad sweet, though the scent of vanilla was delightful. It went well with the strong Cappuccino (from $5) on the side. The inner child in my dining companion loved it, the grin of his sugar high plastered on his face. 

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Besides this celebratory cookie, we picked a selection of Nasty Cookie’s best selling bakes, including the Milo Stylo ($5.50), a Milo-based cookie dough with white chocolate chips. 

I enjoyed the Red Velvet Crumble ($5.50), a relatively less sweet confection with a cream cheese centre and a slightly savoury cookie crumble topping. This, plus the slight tang of the cream cheese, balanced out the overall sweetness. 

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