Tempura Tenya Tendon has affordable tendon

We’ve had a recent flurry of international eateries opening in Singapore, and 15 October sees the opening of the latest Japanese import ─ Tempura Tenya Tendon, the number one tendon chain there with a history dating back to 1989.

This tempura specialist has 226 stores in Japan alone. Known as Tenya, for short, they pride themselves on serving quality tempura rice bowls which are value-for-money. Each of their menu items is also made with ingredients sourced from reputable producers in Japan, or Japanese-controlled producers in other parts of the world. What is extra-unique about the Singaporean outlet is that it is semi-automated, with a robot server.

Having scored an invitation to a media preview of Tenya, I headed down to the sublevels of Orchard Central to check out their food and cute little robot server, Peanut.

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Food at Tempura Tenya Tendon

We started with the Tenya Tendon ($8.50), a tendon lined with Aomori Masshigura rice that was specially picked for its firm texture and clean taste to match with Tenya’s signature tare sauce. 

I particularly enjoyed the tare sauce here for being nicely savoury and not overly sweet, unlike at other tendon establishments. It’s blended for Tenya by a traditional soy sauce maker in Japan, and has grilled eel essence in it, giving it an extra oomph.  

This tendon came with a selection of tempura: prawn, redfish, squid, pumpkin and french beans. 

What sets the tempura here apart from its peers is the precision behind each item ─ every single piece is cut to an exact size so that it’s perfectly cooked in the two minutes it takes the automated fryer to complete frying it.

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