Two Bake Boys makes the perfect crepe cake in Singapore. It is started by a mother of two boys, Kitty. Find two Thai flavours, including Thai Tea and Thai Green Tea.

Alright, alright, alright! It is time for some desserts. Did you know that there are many different types of cakes in the world? One of the hardest cakes to make is none other than crepe cake. Not only it takes skills to create thin layers, it takes more skills to layer all of them together, with just the right amount of cream in between. Well, boys and girls, Two Bake Boys did it right, and here’s how you can have them!

Beautifully Layered Homemade Thai Tea Crepe Cake Photo: @lotus.foodie (Instagram)Photo: @dotdotz (Instagram)

Looking for some flavours from Thailand? Well, look no further. Introducing Two Bake Boys, the brand that creates the first-ever authentic Thai tea crepe cake in Singapore. Famous on the ‘gram, Two Bake Boys is started by Kitty, a mother to two adorable boys. Being a Thai national, Kitty loves all things about Thai tea, and introduce the Thai authentic flavour to Singapore.

Photo: @tamjiak_veggiez (Instagram)Photo: @tamjiak_veggiez (Instagram)

There are two interesting flavours to try out, Thai Tea Crepe Cake with Thai tea sauce (Cha-Yen) and Thai Green Tea Crepe Cake with Thai Green tea sauce (Cha-Yen). These layer cakes have up to

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