Menya Kanae in Novena has Hokkaido-style prawn ramen

My ears perked up when I heard that there was a new prawn-based ramen in town, because the closure of Keisuke’s prawn concept was a tragedy to me. Menya Kanae joins the crustacean ramen game on 15 October with their Hokkaido-style prawn ramen. 

Located at Novena Regency, the eatery spices things up with a prawn sandwich, izakaya nibbles and fried chicken on waffles on the menu too.

Food at Menya Kanae

Let’s first begin with the broth at Menya Kanae. We tried it mixed with Menya Kanae’s Original Red Spicy Paste in the Spicy Tokusei Sapporo Ebi Tonkotsu Ramen ($19.80), which comes with all the toppings available. 

We were impressed with the presentation of chargrilled prawns, amongst other toppings like sakura ebi tempura flakes, pickled vegetables, chashu, chilli strings and half a molten ajitama egg.

There was also a layer of red prawn oil that covered the bowl, which screamed “FLAVOUR!” at me.

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Unfortunately, while the soup was robust and mildly spicy, my dining companion and I both felt that the spicy miso overpowered the prawn stock which we were here to try.

With a sip of tea to cleanse our palate, we reverted to the non-spicy Tokusei Sapporo Ebi Tonkotsu Ramen ($19.80). 

Here, we were able to savour the true tastes of Menya Kanae’s signature ebi tonkotsu broth, made with a base of pork bone broth, and fortified with blended big prawns, lobster bisque and a seafood sauce that’s imported specifically from Japan.

Boiled for four hours, this soup is a creamy, next-level upgrade on your average hei mee soup. It pairs well with the thinner ramen noodles,

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