Media Tasting at Oscar’s

The current buffet scene at Oscar’s is unlike to pre-covid. It might be a blessing in disguise! This is like a sit down dinner where we place order and food is served right to our table.

We got really excited looking at the intensive menu. An array of food available across distinct culinary. Some of the highlights from The Ice Bar include oysters, snow crabs, sashimi and crab kueh pie tee. There are also local delights such as Oscar’s laksa, prawn noodle soup, Singapore chili crab, bak kut teh, beef rendang and Indian cuisines. The line-up of dessert includes D24 durian puff, creme brûlée, pandan kopi ‘o’ tiramisu, ice cream and more. 

As usual, I would start my meal with a bowl of salad. My salad turned into a beautiful garden topped with bacon and quail egg and sprinkled with lots of cheese powder.

I have to admit their salmon sashimi is decently fresh but not the tuna and octopus. We have ordered another 5 slices of salmon each!

The seafood platter is brimming with oysters, snow crabs, sea prawns and mussels. You can’t help but to see most of the diners have ordered oysters and sea prawns.  The snow crabs were quite salty and we could not shake the taste of salt from our mouth.

One of my favourites, Crab Kueh Pie Tee with Garlic Aioli. Real crab meat generously stuffed in crisp kueh pie tee cup.

If you’re a fan of eggplant, this creation of charred mashed eggplant mixed with toasted macademia nuts and chives pincho topped with romesco might be for you!

Moving towards a series of Oscar’s Signature dishes.

This bowl of laksa is creamier and slightly sweet but doesn’t quite hit the classic. I was telling my dining partner, something is missing. Later on, I’ve figured

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