The first-ever McDonald’s to be located in Johor Bahru is closing down temporarily. It has been around since 1984. The opening date has yet to be announced.

Due to the recent global pandemic, many places around Singapore, and the world, have been ceasing operations. In related news, many shopping malls located based in Johor Bahru are financially struggling, with the borders closed. Viral photographs of empty malls have been posted across social media platforms, with many netizens hoping to cross the borders when it is safe and sound.

McDonald’s At Holiday Plaza JB Closes Temporarily Photo: Jerry Wong (Flickr)

This brings us to the latest sad news. The first-ever McDonald’s to be located in Johor Bahru will be closing temporarily. Spotted by a netizen, McDonald’s at Holiday Plaza is stopping operations temporarily due to Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) in Malaysia. However, the short announcement isn’t complete with the opening date of the restaurant. It simply states that it will be closed until further noti

Photo: Nicholas Chan (Facebook)

As the first-ever McDonald’s to be located in Johor Bahru, many netizens are naturally sad about the closure, with the original post raking up to almost one thousand engagements at the time of this writing. Some netizens reminisce the good old times of skipping school to visit McDonald’s, while others mentioned about having their first-ever Big Mac. To check out the original post on Facebook, you can click here.

Trying Times For Everyone, Everywhere. Photo: Nicholas Chan

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