Birds of Paradise is a crowd favourite for some unique gelatos. Some flavours include Basil, Spiced Pear, White Chrysanthemum, Earl Grey & Lemongrass, and Lychee Raspberry. Available in Katong and Jewel Changi Airport.

Greetings, everyone! Are you looking for some ice-cream to combat the heat? Lucky for all of us, there are so many fun spots to visit around the island to get some daily dose of ice-cream. From simple to intricate flavours, Singapore has it all. This time around, we’re highlighting one of the best spots for gelato! Oh, you know this one -it’s Birds of Paradise!

Check Out This Crowd Favourite Gelato Boutiques Photo: @gninethree (Instagram)Photo: Birds of Paradise Singapore (Facebook)

If you haven’t tried out Birds of Paradise yet, we’re are almost sure that you’re missing out. Birds of Paradise is nothing you have ever tasted before. It’s nothing you can compare to your usual neighbourhood gelato store. With two locations, you can find Birds of Paradise to be strategically located Katong, and the famous Jewel Changi Airport. So, why is Birds of Paradise different?

Photo: Birds of Paradise Singapore (Facebook)Photo: Birds of Paradise Singapore (Facebook)

Birds of Paradise is notable for using botanical flavours of nature. Made with premium ingredients, you will find fruits, flowers, pods, herbs, and spices combined. As a result, each scoop of gelato is absolutely

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