Nasi rempah at Nine Spices

While nasi briyani is one of my go-to lunch dishes, the name nasi rempah doesn’t quite ring a bell for an unadventurous eater like me. So when I heard about Nine Spices, a newly opened hawker stall with nasi rempah as their signature dish, I was instantly curious to find out more about it.

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The word ‘rempah’ in Malay translates to spice, and nasi rempah basically refers to spiced rice. While Nine Spices mainly serves nasi rempah from 10am to 10pm, they are a 24-hour eatery, serving supper and breakfast dishes such as prata through the night from 10pm to 10am instead.

Food at Nine Spices

Excited to try nasi rempah for the first time, I dove straight into their Nasi Rempah With Drumstick ($3.90). The colourful dish came in a metal bowl and the tip of the drumstick was thoughtfully wrapped with aluminium foil.

Taking a huge bite of the flavoured rice, an aromatic mixture of spices such as cinnamon and turmeric hit me. While the rice was rich with spices, it came across to me as a milder and less greasy version of nasi briyani! A side of chopped, crunchy ladies’ fingers threw in an added touch of freshness and texture.

The chicken was just as enjoyable. I wolfed down the crisp, fried skin of the drumstick to savour its tender and succulent meat.

Well-marinated and juicy, even the meat beneath the well-fried skin was brimming with flavour and a sweet aftertaste.

I enjoyed the dish with their sambal chilli, which packed some heat alongside its honeyed aftertaste. This sweet chilli reminded me of the kind that often accompanied

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