Eat My CB has nostalgic homemade curry buns

There is no way a name like “Eat My CB” won’t make you do a double-take. By few stretches of the imagination would such a phrase bring a family-run home business to mind, because honestly, you’d be too busy wondering which “CB” this is, and why on earth should you eat it.

Just with that curiosity, you’ve singlehandedly proven why “Eat My CB” is a name that works. 

Eat My CB is a home-based curry bun business started by a local family of six known as the Lees. Most of them are freelancers, including the 60-odd-year-old parents. When the Circuit Breaker clamped down to ease COVID-19’s spread, they found their sources of income lost overnight. To survive, their approach to work had to pivot.

How the business began

The “a-ha!” moment came thanks to mother Annie Neo. The 60-year-old is a Thermomix ambassador with a passion for cooking that shaped both her professional life and her family’s appetites. It is a running joke in the family is that her name is Annie, and she can cook anything.

Her children, Jasmine, 34, and Lester, 32, both rave about their mom’s love for cooking, and how it impacted their childhood. So strong is her interest that she has six personal recipe books she authored from scratch.

“My mother is the heart and soul of the brand. The rest of us just know how to eat only,” joked Lester, who works as Eat My CB’s graphic designer and resident potato peeler. 

As part of her job, Annie teaches cooking classes to fellow “aunties”. During the Circuit Breaker, her kids encouraged her to take the classes online, riding on the wave of the popular live stream cooking sessions that were all the rage during

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