Magnum’s latest creation is now available in 7-Eleven Singapore. Introducing Magnum Brownie, priced at $4.50. It is made with vanilla ice-cream, swirls of caramel, chocolate shell, and of course, brownie! Available for a limited time only.

Hello, there! It has been the longest time since the last time we had discovered something sweet from 7-Eleven Singapore. When it is sunny outside, nothing keeps us more excited than heading down to the nearest convenience store to grab ourselves an ice-cream. Be thrilled, one of our favourite brands, Magnum, has recently introduced something new!

Magnum’s New Limited-Edition Ice-Cream Brownie Photo: (Instagram)Photo: @jet_tankstelle_emmendingen (Instagram)

All along, Magnum has been well-regarded for new flavours and creations. In the past, it has introduced beautiful flavours such as cherry blossom, and it was heavenly. It’s time to check out its latest creation, Magnum Brownie. Priced at $4.50, the bar has a base of vanilla ice-cream, with swirls of caramel fudge. Of course, it is not a Magnum without the signature bar chocolate shell. Let’s not forget about the brownie at the bottom, too!

Photo: @theoreogirl (Instagram)Photo: @idfpinto (Instagram)

Eating the latest creation can be a little messy, as it doesn’t come with a stick. However, it is definitely worth due to its explosive taste and texture. Expect a crunch as you sink your teeth in the Belgian chocolate shell. Right

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