Kimukatsu has 25-layer katsu 

Image credit: @Kimukatsumy

Japan’s famous Kimukatsu has finally hit our shores. Located in Ngee Ann City, this eatery takes pride in their katsu that replicates the intricacies of mille-feuille desserts. Just like mille crepes cakes, you can expect up to 25 layers of thinly sliced pork that are layered and deep fried into a delicious pork cutlet. 

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Instead of offering just the regular katsu cutlets, Kimukatsu goes a step further and serves it in a variety of flavours─cheese, garlic, black pepper, yuzu kosho, as well as ume shiso. 

Image credit: @Kimukatsumy

Each layered cutlet is coated with fresh panko breadcrumbs before they are fried low and slow for eight minutes to keep them moist and juicy. Crispy and packed with the assortment of flavours, the katsu served here would surely make this a dish worth trying.

Image credit: @Kimukatsumy

Opt for the Kimukatsu Set ($14.90) that includes a layered pork cutlet, rice, miso soup, fresh cabbage and pickles. Top up between $1 to $2 if you’d like to sample their other katsu flavours.     

Image credit: @Kimukatsumy

Alternatively, if you want a lighter meal that’s perfect on the go, opt for the Katsu Sandwich ($8), which is paired with fluffy Japanese milk bread and sweet tonkatsu sauce. 

Heads up: be prepared to queue if you’re planning to head to Kimukatsu as they seem to have already attracted quite a crowd. 

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