Sugar Toast in Wisma Atria

I cannot stress how much I love bread, especially when it is of the Asian variety. While crusty sourdough loaves and chocolate babkas do make my heart skip many beats, to me, it is the softer, Asian-style loaves that are the Platonic ideal of “good bread”. This gave me more than enough reason to get very excited when Sugar Toast announced its opening in Singapore.

Image credit: @food_lover_sherlyn

The bakery hails from China, and specialises in flavoured milk bread loaves made in a manner similar to croissants. Their little hole-in-the-wall bakery is the first-ever Sugar Toast outlet in Singapore, following over 130 outlets in China, and two in Malaysia. Their Singaporean flagship is located at Basement One of Wisma Atria, next to Old Chang Kee. Instead of being a walk-in store, bread will be sold via a display counter.

Image credit: Sugar Toast

Sugar Toast’s strikingly coloured bread loaves are made by hand daily, with each taking up to four hours to prepare. These are coloured with all-natural ingredients, and no preservatives are used either. To get the signature swirls of both flavour and colour, each loaf is kneaded by hand, then pounded with a rolling pin, the way one laminates croissant dough. We were told that the chef “hits” the dough up to 200 times before it goes to proof.

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After proofing, the dough is cut into three, then braided to intensity the appearance of the final product. Sugar Toast takes their aesthetic very seriously.

The end result is worth the painstaking process. Every slice juxtaposes a dense milkiness with airy, fluffy bread, tasty right down to the crust.

Image credit: Sugar

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