With stormy spells being an increasingly common occurrence as we enter the monsoon season, it is not surprising to crave piping hot bowls of soup, warm porridge and rice. What if I tell you that you can have all these comfort foods in ONE wholesome bowl that’s prepared by an ex-Jumbo seafood chef, at just $6?

When we caught wind of San Pin Seafood Soup Pao Fan’s opening at Foch Road, we head over immediately. When we arrived at the coffee shop at 11am on a sleepy Monday (the stall opens at 10.45am), there was already a queue of approximately 10 people.

While most may know of mui fan (steamed rice topped with ingredients in a savory gravy) and porridge, less may be familiar with its rice-based counterpart, pao fan. Translating literally to “submerged rice”, pao fan consists of rice grains that are first steamed, then steeped in a savory seafood broth and finished with a generous sprinkling of crunchy fried rice puffs.

Preparation of the broth usually involves simmering generous amounts of crustaceans and pork bones, and the unique textural contrasts of the different components and cooking methods involved makes pao fan a tedious dish to whip up. Hence, pao fan is usually found at higher-end seafood or Chinese restaurants.

The menu was straightforward with 5 side dishes and 6 variants of pao fan : prawns, fried sliced fish, fresh sliced fish, mixed sliced fish, lala or the mixed bowl which comes with everything. Do note that all pao fans come with lala, bitter gourd and fried egg floss, so don’t forget to inform the staff if you don’t want any of them! You wouldn’t want to omit any one of them though, trust us.

Although they have only opened for slightly over a week, they have a great

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