Zhng-ed up instant noodles with just five ingredients

The Circuit Breaker is a thing of the past, but the work-from-home situation is still a reality for most of us. For those who are spending way too much money on food delivery apps, here are five foolproof ways you can bedazzle your instant noodles with five simple ingredients—luncheon meat, tomatoes, scallions, eggs, and cheese!

These five common ingredients, along with our favourite 出前一丁 (Chu Qian Yi Ding) Instant Noodle flavours, are more than enough for us to play around and create five different, yet equally delicious dishes. We love how versatile their Sesame Oil Flavour and Chicken Flavour are. Thanks to the new and improved version, each packet now contains springy noodles, a sachet of seasoning, and an extra serving of newly enhanced aromatic sesame oil. 

1. Ramen with Hanjuku Eggs and Luncheon Meat Chashu

There’s no need to splash the cash by purchasing expensive instant tonkotsu ramen from atas supermarkets. You can simply recreate your own homemade Ramen with Hanjuku Eggs and Luncheon Meat Chashu with Chu Qian Yi Ding Instant Noodles. 

Springy al dente noodles along with a rich broth from Chu Qian Yi Ding Chicken Flavour Instant Noodles already make for a soul-warming meal. But for more Japanese #feels, we recommend adding a pop of savoury and creamy ramen eggs, as well as seared luncheon meat, replicating chashu slices.

Here’s a shortcut to whipping up delicious hanjuku eggs and luncheon meat chashu: flavour soft-boiled eggs and luncheon meat with oil, soya sauce, mirin, sugar, water, scallions, and a dash of chicken seasoning from a second packet of Chu Qian Yi Ding Chicken Flavour Instant Noodles, and leave them to marinate overnight.

Yield: Serves 2

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Water for boiling
2 eggs

1 tbsp

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