Hi there guys! Do you have this thing whereby you need to try EVERY single item from McDonald’s S’pore? Well, if you have, then keep up because there are new items on the menu this time as well as some awesome comebacks. Start scrolling!

New Menu At McDonald’s S’pore This 19th November

As we all know, McDonald’s is really creative with releases such as the Hokkaido Salmon Burger, McSpicy Deluxe, and many more. This time around, McDonald’s S’pore rolls out a new Coffee Milk Tea Ice Cream series, which is essentially Yuan Yang flavoured.

In this series, there will be Coffee Milk Tea Cone, Coffee Milk Tea Twist Cone and Coffee Milk Tea ChocoCone® from $1.20.

Additionally, for an extra treat, go for the Coffee Milk Tea Hot Fudge Sundae from $2.

How can we leave out McFlurry? The Coffee Milk Tea McFlurry® is priced at $3. The ice cream series will be available from 19 November at all McDonald’s Dessert Kiosks after breakfast hours.

Remember in the past when we have Seaweed Shaker Fries, Samurai Beef Burger as well as Ninja Chicken Burger? Here’s the tea guys, all 3 of them are making a return at McDonald’s from 19th November onwards!

The Samurai Beef Burger comes with a juicy

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